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The aim of the website is to help farmers and agricultural businesses to connect.

The Fowler Tull website is made up of three main parts: Agricultural/Farm Classifieds: one for agricultural / farm machinery and one for livestock. Directories: for agricultural contractors/services, machinery dealers and breeders of Pedigree livestock. Farming Jobs Board: For Hands on Practical Farming, Apprenticeships, Seasonal Job Placements and Full Time Vacancies, 'The Farmers' Job Site'.

If you have any questions about how the website works and how it can work for you please do get in touch with the Fowler Tull Team!

The Idea

The idea of Fowler Tull is to make adding and searching for farming jobs, agricultural machinery, cattle, sheep etc, as simple and easy as possible. 



What's in a name?

The name Fowler Tull comes from two of the agricultural industries most significant engineering pioneers; John Fowler and Jethro Tull.

John Fowler was born in Wiltshire, England in 1826. Fowler pioneered the use of the steam engine for ploughing, ‘The Fowler Plough’. Fowler also pioneered the use of drainage channels which enabled previously uncultivable land to be farmed.

Jethro Tull was born in Berkshire, England in 1674. Tull was a leading pioneer of the British Agricultural Revolution. One of his innovations was the seed drill. Tull also promoted the use of Horses over Oxen on the farm, invented the horse drawn hoe, as well as helping to improve the design of the plough.


         ​Jethro Tull​                         ​John Fowler


Together John Fowler and Jethro Tull helped to create the modern agricultural world as we know it today.


The Future

The Fowler Tull Team are determined to continue this spirit of innovation and develop into a truly invaluable service for the agricultural community and industry.