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Farm Safety Week

24th July 2017

Farm Safety Week

In the period of 2016/17, tragically 30 people were killed as a result of farming and other agricultural based activities. It is the most dangerous industry in the UK, with the highest fatal injury record against all the other main industries. In fact, fatal injury in agriculture is around 18 times greater than average UK total industry rate. With this in mind, Farm Safety Week is a fantastic project to highlight the risks and dangers in the industry and can help to prevent further fatalities and dangerous occurrences in the future.

What is Farm Safety Week?

Farm Safety Week began as a program to raise awareness of the dangers in the agriculture industry. With major players in the agricultural industry teaming up to share stories and experiences as well as hosting events and providing practical guidance and top tips to keep the farming sector safe. Farm Safety Week works as an annual reminder to those in the industry and visiting farms that there is always danger present.

2017 is the return of the fifth annual Farm Safety Week, as the campaign has gone from strength to strength, positively influencing the farming community and offering news and advice to make agriculture even safer.

Why does agriculture have one of the highest fatal injury rates?

As we know, the world of farming is incredibly complex. It is the variety that makes it so enjoyable. However, with variety comes a multitude of risks. From machinery, animal attacks, overhead power lines and transportation. In fact, the 30 fatalities over the last year have come from many different farm related risks including;

  • Two fatalities from incidents involving cattle
  • Three fatalities from overhead power lines
  • Two fatalities from falls from height
  • Nine fatalities from being struck by farm vehicles
  • Five fatalities from being hit by farm equipment or other objects.

What’s important to note is that out of the thirty deaths last year, it isn’t just farmers who face peril. Three of the fatalities were members of the public, while seven were employees and the remaining twenty were self-employed.

How do we keep farms safe?

Well there will always be danger in agriculture, here are just three of the ways that can help to keep your farm safe.

1.            Chemicals

Keep chemicals in a safe storage zone and make a list of the chemicals you have and use on the site. This list could be invaluable to firefighters if a blaze breaks out. Having a list of chemicals is also important for any spillages, contamination or if the product gets into a user’s eye. The knowledge of the product makes it easier to treat, saving valuable time.

2.            Vehicle Safety

As farm vehicles are one of the biggest causes of fatal injuries in agriculture, the utmost care and attention are needed with regard to vehicle safety. Roll over protection structures are vital and wearing a seatbelt is just as important.

3.            Lone working

While working alone is standard practice in agriculture, it is incredibly dangerous. It is always a good idea to let someone know where you will be working, what you’ll be doing and to check in after a certain amount of time. Always have a mobile phone on with appropriate signal for the area you are working in.

Farm Safety Week is a fantastic initiative that raises awareness and gives farmers greater commitment and helps to keep their farms safe and to save lives.

For More Details About The Farm Safety Foundation Please Visit: Yellow Wellies