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Spend Time, Not Money and Stay Safe!

2nd August 2017

Spend Time Not Money and Stay Safe!

Top Maintenance Tips For Farm Equipment

Running a farm these days can be very expensive. A lot of work and skill has to go into a farm, in all sorts of weather. To help farmers along the way they need a whole range of specialist vehicles, tools and equipment. Without these tools, they simply wouldn’t be able to run a farm at all. The machinery used is costly to buy, it’s a significant investment. Nobody can afford to throw money away so maintaining the machinery and other equipment to keep it in good working order is vital.

First of all, by performing regular maintenance on machinery and vehicles, you may be able to prevent the disaster of something breaking down completely. It is these sorts of catastrophes that hit farmers in the pocket the hardest. By performing maintenance on a regular basis, you’ll notice any small issues and be able to rectify them before they turn into a serious matter. It is about being proactive rather than reactive.

Regular cleaning

If machinery and vehicles such as tractors are left dirty and aren’t cleaned regularly, this will only serve to increase wear and tear. Parts could become clogged and damaged. Machinery and vehicles will run a lot more efficiently if they are kept in good condition. Also, by allowing dirt and debris to build up, you may not be able to spot signs of damage. This could mean you miss things when doing maintenance checks. So instead of detecting a potential issue early, it may be at the point where you need to get costly repairs done by the time you have noticed.

Don’t throw money away

With farm vehicles and equipment being expensive, you want to get your money’s worth. By performing regular maintenance and repairs, you’ll extend the life of the machinery and vehicles that you are using. This will prevent you having to shell out for replacements on a regular basis.

Taking tractors, for example, they cost thousands of pounds to buy. So it’s imperative that you look after them to the best of your abilities. Otherwise, you could literally be throwing money away.

Tractors are like most vehicles in the sense that parts of them will become worn out over time and need replacing. Like most vehicles as well, by maintaining them regularly, you can help to keep them in good working order.

Tractor maintenance tips

  • To begin with, check your owner’s handbook. The manufacturer of the vehicle will have provided relevant information for maintaining your tractor.
  • Perform maintenance checks regularly. Get into a routine and stick to it.
  • Know when you should be checking chassis lubrication – engine, transmission and hydraulic oil levels – and changing filters.
  • Make sure you know which oils and lubricants to buy. They will be different from tractor to tractor. Check the labels.
  • Acquire the correct tools to perform maintenance and repairs.
  • The weather can affect a tractor in many ways. It’s important to keep it shielded from the elements as best you can, in a barn, shed or garage. If not, try and cover it.
  • Like with most vehicles, the lack of fluids or fluid leaks can cause major issues. So check the fluid levels often and keep them topped up.
  • The engine is key in any vehicle. If it seizes up, you’re in major trouble. So keep an eye on the engine oil level.
  • Check all tyres for damage and maintain the pressure levels at the correct levels.
  • If you have a hydraulic system on board your tractor, you should keep an eye on the belts and hoses for any leaks or damage.
  • With tractors having mechanical brakes it’s important to keep the linkages lubricated.
  • Keep an eye on the gauges in the tractor – temperature, oil pressure and tachometer.
  • Due to the nature of the job, tractors will be fitted with filters to protect against debris that could damage components. It’s important to check these filters regularly and keep them clear.
  • Debris can also build up on the radiator, so they are often protected by screens. These need to be kept clear too, to prevent the radiator from clogging up.
  • Keep all moving parts well lubricated and free from debris. With tractors having many essential moving parts they need to all work properly, together. 

Just Remember. Spending a Little Time could Save you a load of Money and Keep You Safe!

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