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Will ‘Smart Farming’ Save The Human Race?

17th July 2017

Not a day seems to go by where there isn’t a new plight in the agriculture world. It is one of the biggest industries, yet it has the smallest margins. Trying to meet the demands of the population, while also balancing the environmental aspect and making enough money to plough back into the farm and sustain a family is no easy feat.

It has been predicted that food production needs to increase by as much as 70% within the next 30 years to cope with an incredible predicted population of 9.6 billion. However, with the lack of funding, available farmland and the demands on fresh water, just how is the farming industry meant to rise to the challenge?

Many believe the answer is smart farming.

What Is Smart Farming?

Smart farming is adopting tools, techniques and sensing technology to make farms more knowledgeable about their production. It is not without its controversy, farmers have a proud history, and there is much to say about being on the land and knowing your fields taught from the forefathers than needing tools that tell you what the weather has in store.

However, some of the technology has helped farmers considerably, calculating crop yields, creating soil maps and understand fertiliser needs and applications as well as livestock precision tools which can give knowledge on reproductive events and detect illnesses.

Some of the tools available as incredibly smart, collecting data from animals such as their activity, pulse and body temperature that can let farmers know when they have the best chances of reproduction. Have a large flock? Some tools will even monitor GPS positioning so that you can track down your livestock ready for breeding.

Return On Investment?

Of course, one of the biggest concerns for farmers is the initial investment into tools and machinery to transform their farm into a precision agriculture business. The fact of the matter is that all farms need to find new ways to increase yields and reduce waste and without sensors and machinery, it will be almost impossible to progress.

Finding ways to be precise throughout the agricultural industry is vital for revolutionising the farming world. This doesn’t have to mean that traditional farming methods are lost. The pride and heritage of agriculture are valued more than ever before, but anything that can help to reduce the dramatic losses in farming needs to be applied.

Obviously, not every aspect of your farm needs to be tracked, to maximise your return on investment then you need to focus on the biggest losses and how decision support tools can help you to turn these losses into profits and contribute to scoping the future of your farm, maximising yields and ensuring future success.

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