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Livestock Breeder Directory

Aynho Aberdeen-Angus

The Aynho herd has a long and rich history spanning 112 years and four generations to date. Founded by Alex’s grandfat...


Liley Angus

stablished in October 2010 off the back of ceasing pig production at Liley Farm, the Liley Aberdeen-Angus herd currently...


Nightingale Herd

The Nightingale Herd is located in beautiful Worcestershire countryside . We have farmed here for 45 years now having...


Glympton Aberdeen Angus

Glympton Park Estate, 12 miles north of Oxford, is home to the Glympton Aberdeen Angus Herd. The herd, established in 19...


Abberton Angus Herd

The ABBERTON herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle was established by Alec and Catriona Sutherland in 1995


Vexour Farm

Vexour farm is set in the Kent countryside, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, close to the National Trust Villag...


Rotherwick Angus

Bunkers Hill Farm, Rotherwick, Hampshire is a 240 acre mixed farm conveniently located 2 miles from Jct 5 of the M3 and...


Rosemead Herd

Rosemead Herd is one of the largest in the country at over 500 head of cattle.


Pottage Herd

Home Farm, Tilgate Forest Lodge, Pease Pottage extends to some 250 acres (100 hectares), and resides on the western side...


Lockerley Hall Farmers

The Lockerley Herd of Pedigree Aberdeen Angus was established in 1998 with the purchase of 10 "Nightingale" cows and the...


Hawkley Herd

Berry Grove Farm, a 300 acre mixed farm in Hampshire, and home of the Whitcombe family.


Ballinwing Herd

Ballinwing Aberdeen-Angus Herd, established in 1923, is the oldest pedigree cattle herd in the West of Ireland.


Dalriada Herd

Irish Aberdeen Angus offer Prime Angus heifers and bulls for sale in Laois, Limerick, and throughout Munster, Leinste...


Mercury Herd

The Mercury Herd of Pedigree Angus was established in 2007 .Since then we have added some of the best cow families to ou...


Gouldingpoll Herefords

At Gouldingpoll Herefords you will find world class genetics from the most famous cow families in Ireland, England, Denm...


Goulding Angus

Based in North Kerry near where the Cashen River meets the sea, overlooking Ballybunion,


Westermill Farm

The Westermill Herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle was started back in the early 90's with only a handful of cows and a bull.


Lynher Valley Aberdeen Angus

Lynher Valley Aberdeen Angus was founded in 1994.


Sayer Aberdeen Angus

We keep a small herd of Pedigree Angus in Cannington near the Quantock hills in Somerset.


Toyeshill Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Cattle

A small herd of elite cattle established using fine pedigree cattle sourced from renowned bloodlines and the finest bull...