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W Hedley & Sons in south Northumberland have a vacancy for an experienced farm worker over approx 1500 acres.

Full Time - Arable
South Northumberland - 1 week ago


Well established 300 cow autumn block calving herd and well set up farm.

Full Time - Dairy
Northamptonshire - 1 week ago


Enterprises include high health indoor pig unit, suckler herd and fattening cattle, arable, anaerobic digester and gasification units.

Full Time - Mixed
South Shropshire - 1 week ago

Experienced Dairy Worker

The farm has a large herd of dairy cows milking through a 50 point rotary parlour.

Full Time - Dairy
Newport, Shropshire - 1 week ago

Poultry Farm Manager

Opportunity for a dedicated reliable individual to run our turkey farm in a hands on role which comprises 4 poultry sheds. We are looking for a self motivated person who has had previous poultry exper...

Full Time - Poultry
Gloucestershire - 1 week ago

General Farm Worker

Opportunity for a hardworking person to join us working with 300 sows on our breeder and finisher farm. This would suit a couple or friends willing to share accommodation.

Full Time - Mixed
Northamptonshire - 1 week ago

Tractor Driver/General Farm Worker

Temporary Tractor Driver/General Farm Worker required to harvest cereal crops on a family run farm located in Henley-in-Arden.

Seasonal - Arable
Henley-in-Arden - 1 week ago


Due to the expansion of our business, leading our focus onto another project, we are looking for an enthusiastic and capable individual to manage the day to day running of our established 600 cow autu...

Full Time - Dairy
Market Bosworth - 2 weeks ago

Milker/General Farm Worker in Wales Ref: 2003

Milker / General Farm Worker required on a 800 dairy herd expanding to 1,000 cows

Full Time - Dairy
Welshpool - 2 weeks ago

Tractor Driver/Yard Staff in Dorset Ref 2031

Tractor Driver / Yard Staff required in Dorchester on a 420 commercial milking herd

Full Time - Arable
Dorchester - 2 weeks ago

Calf Rearing Manager in Cornwall Ref 1964

Calf Rearing Manager required on a 1,500 acres dairy farm

Full Time - Dairy
Wadebridge, Cornwall - 2 weeks ago


Top quality herdsperson required, on our established 600 cow autumn calving herd, whom is looking to grow their career within our business.

Full Time - Dairy
Market Bosworth - 2 weeks ago

Milker in Cornwall Ref: 1855

Milker required on a large dairy farm in Cornwall for milking 600 Holstein herd twice daily Ref 1855

Full Time - Dairy
Cornwall - 4 weeks ago

Head Herdsperson in Wiltshire Ref: 2028

Head Herdsperson required in Salisbury on a 230 dairy herd Ref 2028

Full Time - Dairy
Salisbury - 4 weeks ago

General Farm Worker/Stockperson in Henley on Thames Ref: 2025

Stockperson / Farm Worker in Henley on Thames on a mixed arable, beef and sheep farm

Full Time - Dairy
Henley-on-Thames - 4 weeks ago

Herd Manager in Sussex Ref: 2006

Head Herdsperson / Manager on a large dairy farm in Sussex Ref 2006

Full Time - Dairy
Sussex - 4 weeks ago

Assistant Herdsperson in Welshpool Ref: 2002

Assistant Herdsperson required on an expanding 800 dairy herd in Welshpool Ref 2002

Full Time - Dairy
Welshpool - 4 weeks ago

Assistant Herdsperson in Cornwall required Ref 1956

Assistant Herdsperson in Cornwall required Ref 1956

Full Time - Dairy
Bodmin - 1 month ago

Head Herdsperson / Manager in Sussex Ref 2006

Head Herdsperson/ Manager in Sussex Ref 2006

Full Time - Dairy
Sussex - 1 month ago

Assistant Herdsperson in Cheshire Ref: 1977

Assistant Herdsperson in Cheshire on a 800 pedigree Holstein Herd Ref 1977

Full Time - Dairy
Crewe CW3 - 1 month ago

Milker / General Farm Worker in Somerset Ref 1826

We are seeking an experienced Milker/GFW for our client's dairy farm of 750 high yielding cows, housed all year with TMR feed system in place

Full Time - Dairy
TA2 - 1 month ago

General Farm Worker / Tractor Driver in Cheshire Ref 1924

Recruiting a Tractor Driver / General Farm Worker for 600 acres farm running a 450 cow dairy herd

Full Time - Dairy
CW6 - 1 month ago

GFW/Assistant Herdsperson

This long established family farm offers an excellent opportunity at Assistant Herdsperson level for applicants who would like a mix of daily duties; well suited to individuals who like a bit of varie...

Other - Dairy
Oxfordshire - 1 month ago

Calf Rearer/General Farm Worker in Co Laois Ref: 1843

This is a Dairy and Beef enterprise near Portlaoise in Co. Laois. There are 130 dairy cows on the farm.

Full Time - Dairy
County Laois - 2 months ago