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Kilbride Farm Simmentals

Kilbride Farm,
106 Cogry Road,
County Antrim.
BT39 0PX

Kilbride Farm is situated in Co.Antrim and we are one of the leading breeders of Simmental cattle in the country.The herd was founded in 1971 with stock imported from Germany and is owned and run by WH Robson & Sons


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Kilbride Farm Simmentals


About Us

Situated on the slopes of the Six Mile Water Valley in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, the Kilbride Farm herd was founded in 1971 with the importation of heifers from Germany. Very few females have been purchased since then with the most notable being Carn Eunice from which the highly successful Eunice family originated. The herd has expanded through the use of the best bulls we could buy from the UK, Ireland, France and Germany along with AI.

The herd contains approximately 95 pedigree cows at the moment and although we have been very successful showing in the past we no longer compete at the summer shows to help maintain a high health status within the herd.

We have just recently won a record 7th "Perth" Supreme Championship and Kilbride Farm bloodlines dominate the prize lists at many shows and sales throughout the UK and Ireland. Stock and semen have been exported from the herd all over the world from as far apart as Denmark,Australia, New Zealand and America.

Our aim is to produce structurally sound docile cattle, from a grass based system, with the emphasis on beefing qualities , milking ability and breed character backed up by performance figures.




Eunice Family

The Eunice family is the largest most well known cow family in the herd and has produced many Champion animals over the years from Balmoral Supreme Champion females to Champion bulls at Perth and Stirling.

Dora family

The Dora family goes right back to the original imports from Germany in 1971 and  has always produced good stock particularly in recent years.

Fanni Family

This family originates back to a good Scottish Neff cow Kilcorn Perle who was a big strong red cow. This Family has produced some very strong heavy muscled cattle over the years including Rainman sold to the Newbiemains herd. Tarrant, Supreme champion in Stirling 2008 amd sold to the Corskie herd. Bantry, sold to the Rosemeadow herd and sire of the Supreme champion in Stirling October 2014.

Gina Family

This family produces very shapely females with lots of milk.

Iris Family

This family is small in numbers but big on size producing good stock particularly females each year

Laura & Jolly

Stock Bulls

Breeding in the herd is done mainly with stock bulls, each used across a large number of females, to maintain uniformity.

Bull selection is based on a mixture of old stockmanship skills, and modern technology such muscle scanning etc.

A bull must firstly be structurally and visibly correct along with the correct pedigree and that all important "breed character".

It is preferable to know the dam, grand dam etc. but this is not always possible at public auctions.

Figures are also important then if all the above are ok with particular attention paid to calving, maternal, growth rate and eye muscle area scores.
From time to time a particularly good home bred young bull is retained or semen is collected before they are sold for our own use. This has been very successful with K F Newry and his son Warren.

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