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R.B. Agricultural Contracting Ltd

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R.B. Agricultural Contracting Ltd is a family business based in North Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire providing a range of arable services throughout the East Midlands and Yorkshire.


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R.B. Agricultural Contracting Ltd


R.B. Agricultural Contracting Ltd is a family business based in North Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire providing a range of arable services throughout the East Midlands and Yorkshire. We also work away in Norfolk, Shropshire, Lancashire and Scotland, and in 2010 we took a straw laying team into Denmark and Sweden. 

We specialise in straw laying on over-wintered root crops, and we have pioneered a system of one-pass straw incorporation following the root harvest. 

Other services include crop spraying, baling and land preparation. We run a fleet of top-spec Fendt and John Deere tractors, and the fitting of a JD Starfire SF2 guidance system ensures precision output for our land-based services.

The delivery of our successful business is based on an understanding of our customers' needs. We offer a personal, reliable service with a high standard of work and attention to detail.



Straw laying:

Straw is spread direct or underlain with black polythene to protect carrots from frost damage and to stop re-growth of parsnips, therefore allowing field storage of the crops through to late spring. We offer both Jones Engineering and Richard Larrington Ltd 9-bale straw layers, and one of the Jones machines has wheel-drive to aid in wet or sloping ground conditions. Both 72" and 80" beds can be accommodated, with straw spread between 80 and 120 bales per hectare (32 to 50 bales per acre). Each laying team includes three skilled drivers operating the straw layer and two JCB telescopic handlers. The key to efficient straw laying is excellent team work backed up by good in-field straw logistics.

Baling and chasing:

Sourcing our own straw and using a fleet of three Hesston balers we can supply good quality straw for our customers' needs. Fast, efficient and low ground pressure field clearance, using Heath chasers with high-speed tractors, gives farmers the confidence that we will not hold up their following cultivations. This highly successful operation includes the implementation of straw logistics to link with our straw laying service. We also offer a contract baling and chasing service.

Arable land cultivation:

For land that requires minimum tillage we can provide a Simba Solo 380ST cultivator and/or a Simba Flatliner 500 subsoiler. Oil seed rape establishment is offered using the two Simba machines fitted with Autocast seed applicators, either broadcast behind the Solo or band-sown behind each leg of the Flatliner. We have 5 furrow mounted and 7 furrow semi-mounted Lemken ploughs for use with or without furrow-press.

Straw incorporation:

We operate Imants and Farmax rotary ploughs as an alternative to the rotavate/discing principle to incorporate straw residue after harvesting over-wintered carrots and parsnips. This is a single pass operation to bury the straw, therefore saving on costs, and leaving the ground ready to be ploughed, or in certain situations, allowing the following crop to be directly combination-drilled. Where straw is uneven we use a front-mounted 3m Kuhn power-harrow in order to improve the quality of finish.

Crop spraying:

Our Bateman RB35 self-propelled sprayer is fitted with a 4,000 litre tank and 36 m air-sleeve booms. The machine is equipped with Insight GPS guidance for steering and section control, and Norac auto boom height for added accuracy in applying both high and low volume chemical and liquid fertiliser applications. The sprayer has hydraulic track width and can be fitted with either 380 rowcrop tyres or 710 flotations, thus suiting all customer requirements. All operators are fully qualified, experienced and NRoSO registered. The sprayer can also be backed up with a water bowser.

Root crop bed preparation:

Land preparation for root crops begins with the Simba Flatliner 500 sub-soiler to remove any deep panning. The land is then ploughed using either a 5 furrow mounted or 7 furrow semi-mounted Lemken plough, with furrow-press if required. A super-flow deep cultivator can be used to break down or dry out the ploughing, and then with GPS guidance the field can be deep ridged with a Grimme Shape-forma. De-stoning can be accommodated with our Grimme CS 1500 72" bed and 1700 80" bed machines, both offering a range of web pitch sizes.


  • Bale Carting
  • Baling - Square
  • Crop Spraying
  • Discing
  • Drilling
  • Potato - Bed-forming
  • Potato - De-stoning
  • Potato - Seedbed Cultivation
  • Rowing Up

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