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Red Oak Farm

Red Oak Farm
Brackley Road
NN13 5JN

Owen Farms Westbury Ltd as well as farming livestock also has a number of other farming enterprises.


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Red Oak Farm


About the Farm

Owen Farms Westbury Ltd as well as farming livestock also has a number of other farming enterprises. There is about 60.5 hectares in grass for the livestock most of which is old meadows, 163.5 hectares in arable crop production, 32 hectares of solar panels and 21 hectares planted with poplar trees. The farm has more hectares in the form of wooded areas, a disused railway and an old airfield.

There are also buildings around the farm that are let out as industrial units to other local business.

One of the directors of Owen Farms, Roger Brown, also owns the holding next door and although two holdings they are farmed as one. He has another 323 hectares in arable crop production and 16 hectares of grass, this is used to over-winter polo ponies. Again this farm has areas of wood and a disused railway. All corn grown on the two farms is stored at the farm in Mixbury.

Over the arable area of the two farms Winter Wheat, Winter Barley, Winter Oats, Oil Seed Rape, Spring Beans and Maize are grown, the Oats and some of the Maize being for cattle feed, with the rest of the Maize sold to a local Anaerobic Digestion plant. All land over-wintered is planted with a cover crop to help with the soil structure.

The arable farms are very high tech, using all the latest technologies such as GPS guidance etc. The arable sides of the two farms are in a machinery share deal with another local farm based just down the road. This means that it is possible to run larger more up to date machinery over a larger area whilst cutting production costs at the same time.


Our Cattle

Red Oak Simmentals

Red Oak Simmentals was established in December 2014 with the purchase of Tilbrook Wanda and her son Forest from Peter & Sarah Burgess's lovely Tilbrook herd. George has a long time passion for the Simmental breed of cattle having grown up with them. Brigadier, the main stock bull is actually related to a bull George can remember as a child.

George & Tanya plan to sell any bulls as breeding stock, keeping heifers to build up a small herd then sell heifers on as breeding animals too.

In early July 2015 we purchased three more animals again from the Tilbrook Herd, this came about due to Peter & Sarah relocating up north and reducing their herd. We are now the proud owners of Tilbrook Cindy and her lovely daughter Finch and Tilbrook Emily a beautiful young heifer who is due to calve towards the end of October. The herd now stands at five animals and fingers crossed, if all goes according to plan by the end of January 2016 we should be up to eight as both Wanda and Cindy should have calved by then as well.

Red Oak Red Aberdeen Angus


Back in 2013 it was decided to start a new pedigree herd after meeting Ricardo Truffer, a vet and cattle farmer from Argentina. We decided to import embryos from him to be the base of a Red Aberdeen Angus herd,  so bringing a new line of genetics into this country. Our pedigree herd will join the few established herds that are in this country; you can count the number of pedigree Red Aberdeen Angus herds on one hand!

In April 2015 we collected our first bull, Hawley Red Romeo brought from Robert & Sophie Whitcombe's herd in Hampshire. He will be used on our commercial heifers until we have some pedigrees ready for him.

On the 30th May 2015 we collected 29 embryos from Heathrow, just in time to implant into some of our young commercial heifers. We implanted 14 on the 8th May 2015. Scanning results have since shown us that we have 7 definitely in calf and another that needs to be rechecked. So if all goes well we should have our first pedigree Red Aberdeen Angus calves born in March 2016.


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