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Strathisla Farms

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Strathisla Farms, managed by Adrian Ivory, is home to the Strathisla Simmental herd and Cardean Charolais herd, as well as a commercial suckler enterprise.


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Strathisla Farms


Adrian Ivory acts as manager of the Strathisla Farms, which consists of a pedigree Simmental and Charolais enterprise, as well as a commercial suckler herd and arable operation.

With regards to the pedigree enterprises, significant investment in both high EBV Simmental and Charolais herd sires has enhanced the genetics of both herds. Cow numbers now run at 60 pedigree Simmentals, 60 Charolais cows and 150 commercial suckler cows.

All herds are part of the SAC health scheme. Adrian and his stockmen, Colin Fordyce and Alistair Borthwick, work closely with the farm’s vets monitoring Johne’s, BVD, IBR and Lepto and vaccinate for blackleg, BVD, IBR and bluetongue.

The Simmental herd was established in 1979 with the purchase of Plurenden Geraldo and carries the Strathisla prefix, while the Charolais herd was established in 1998 with purchases from the Moyness and Balmyle herds and carries the Cardean prefix.

Both herds have achieved great success in the show and sale ring culminating in championships at both regional and national show level and at the Perth Bull Sales.

The commercial herd is geared around producing quality bull beef for a deadweight contract with Asda, as well as selling high health commercial females for suckler replacements or embryo recipient females.

Public speaking and presentations

Since winning the Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year, Adrian Ivory has been invited to speak at various conferences, industry working groups and farmer groups. To date he has spoken at the following events and is currently Co Chairman of the Oxford Farming Conference 2014:

  • NFU Future of Livestock Farming Conference – “Working with supermarkets and the outlook for British beef.”
  • British Cattle Breeders Conference – “Breeding for profit.”
  • Worshipful Company of Farmers – “The story so far.........and how to work with the supermarkets.”
  • JSR Egg Conference – “Supermarkets - a dragon or an opportunity?”




Sire: Heywood Ensign Dam: Cloford Mira

This was one of the original cows in the Strasthisla Herd and her daughters  make up a large part of the herd today. Sons from the Mira Family  include Strathisla Capricorn and Strathisla Juno. Daughters from the Mira Family include notable shows cows Mira 19th and Mira 20th.


Sire: Rebholz Dam: Ravensworth Embroider

This was another one of our original cows and her daughters are a big part of the Strathisla herd. Daughters from the Haka family are big, milky and docile.


Sire: CSW Deutche Locke  Dam: Drumsleed Reba 4th

Dancer was bought to introduce new bloodlines and her progeny (the  Geraldines) have proved hugely successful in the show ring as well as  breeding quality stock. Sons have sold to 7,500 gns for  Strathisla Julius.  Geraldine daughters are big and milky and increasing in numbers!


Sire: Dirnanean Nugget  Dam: Moncur Gertel

Moncur Twiggy was purchased at the Moncur dispersal. She was a notable show  cow being unbeaten in her class through the show year. The Twiggy’s have become the most consistent breeding family in the Strathisla Herd.

Sons have sold to 14,000 gns and many daughters have been retained in the herd.


Sire: Ballyholey Matador  Dam: Slievenagh Rosie

The Veronica Family is producing tremendous breeding females who are milky docile and easily fleshed.


These heifers were purchased from Garrett Behan’s reduction sale in 2009 to add new bloodlines to the Strathisla herd. Wow is by Hockenhull Maverick and Winifred is by Kilbride Farm Newry and are both now due to calve to our senior stock bull Omorga Samson.




Sire: Maerdy Othellow Dam: Cardean Olivia

Snowdrop is the best cow family in the herd. By Maerdy Othello she is out of the 1999 Royal Highland Show junior female champion. Every animal Snowdrop has produced in the herd has been shown successfully and her only bull to be produced was sold privately. She is part of our flushing programme and daughters are now producing some of the best calves in the herd.

Some of her best daughters include Cardean Vixen, Cardean Eclipse and Cardean Cabbage


Sire: Balmyle Laurier Dam: Balmyle Osprey

Shadow was given to Katie and I as a wedding present by Bill Bruce from  Balmyle. She was first in  her class at the Highland Show in 2003. She is leaving quality calves  and has matured into an easy fleshing, quiet cow.


Sire: Pedr Thumper Dam: Brinkton Pamela

Apple is a natural fleshing female and is a consistent breeder of quality females. To date her best calves include Cardean Foxlady, by Blelack Colonel and Cardean Eccentric, by Maerdy Othello.


Sire: Erriff Savo Dam: Anneskeagh Sherry

Virtue was bought at the Anneskeagh dispersal in Southern Ireland in 2005 and has proved to be a great breeder in the herd. Along with two daughters, Cardean Doodle and Cardean Cheese, who are highly regarded in the herd, she has produced a cracking bull calf who will be for sale at Stirling in October 2011.


Sire: Tillbrook Pluto Dam: Kelton Velvet

 Two daughters of Velvet were purchased at the Gelson Castle herd dispersal in Stirling in October 2010. The Velvet family was one of the best breeding families in the herd with herself and daughters averaging 5500gns at the sale.


We currently run a suckler herd  of 150 commercial cows which consist largely of Simmental breeding, with some  Charolais, South Devon and Shorthorn breeding. These cows are crossed with  either a Simmental or South Devon bull for suckler replacements or a British  Blue bull for deadweight finishing. All bulls are kept entire and are finished  on a barley beef diet for Asda.


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