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The herd was established in 2006 and the sheep flock in 2010, so both enterprises are relatively new and are still in the process of being expanded with quality genetics. Simmie numbers are 35 breeding females and Blue Texels are 30 breeding females.


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Williams Livestock




The Williams herd of pedigree Simmentals was established in 2004 with purchases of two females from John Carter, Horsfordmanor Saffron and Horsfordmanor Regal Lady, of which daughters of Regal Lady are still in the herd today. Although the intention was only to have five or six breeding females, the herd soon grew as both myself and Andrew got the bug for breeding and showing Simmentals on a wider scale. 

In 2006, a trip to Perth Bull Sales saw the acquisition of the female champion Tillymaud Malvenas 52nd, a Blackford Lancer daughter for 4500gns, as well as the Starline Klassic daughter Starline Lorrette and Sterling Newmoon’s Tammy, who is by Corskie Principal.

Over the following year, additional purchases were made from local breeders across East Anglia and then in July 2007 the first stock bull was purchased in the form of Heathbrow Tristar from David and Lesley Sapsed. Bought privately, Tristar is by Heathbrow Mischief out of a Canadian import AWL Starlet 8E. He is a modern Simmental with plenty of length, excellent carcass quality and a perfect temperament.

Tristar has had a phenomenal show career with us, culminating in many breed championships and an interbreed championship at the Royal Norfolk Show in 2011. His offspring are already showing great promise and produces calves of the same stamp as him, no matter the dam line.

The herd continued to grow in 2008 with purchases at the Tillymaud dispersal, including Tillymaud Malvenas 42nd (mother of the already purchased Malvenas 52nd) along with her daughter Malvenas 58th and Tillymaud Danielle 33rd, who is by Dirnanean Reformer.

Further females were then bought at the Hockenhull dispersal including the 10,000gns Hockenhull Snow Queen 35th, who is a daughter of Popes Laird, as well as Hockenhull Girlie 47th, an ET-bred heifer by Glentuk Rolex. 

Throughout the years of 2007 and 2010 a number of private purchases have been made from Boddington Estate’s Sterling herd. These include the Sterling Alex daughter Sterling Naomi’s Wednesday, the Rosten Son-O’Barney’s daughter Sterling Sunset Willow, Sterling Ritzys Vesta, who is by Sterling Flint, Sterling Grace’s Wilhemina, who is by Darsham Playboy and Sterling Petra’s Wendy, who is by Sterling Rochester out of a Sterling Flint daughter.

The aim now in the Williams herd is to build on the better bloodlines that have been purchased using an extensive flushing programme. To date Sterling Ritzys Vesta, Williams Lorette Auror, Hockenhull Snow Queen 35th and Tillymaud Malvenas 42nd have been flushed with eggs retained.

Following on from Tristar we have had great success with Darsham Playboy, used as an AI sire and in 2013 purchased Clonagh Diehard Gallant, a December 2012-born son of Dovefields Gallant. Bought privately from Garrett and Lyndsey Behan, we have long been an admirer of Gallant and this dark bull out of one of the herd's top donor cows Clonagh Edel, by Hillcrest Butcher, possesses immense power, bone, milk and strength in his pedigree on both his dam and sire side. He’s certainly an exciting prospect for the Williams herd.

Showing is undertaken throughout the summer circuit across England as a shop window to promote our genetics. The herd is Breedplan recorded and is Johne’s and BVD accredited.

Blue Texels

Alongside the Simmental herd, some 30 Blue Texel breeding females are also managed with a view to producing tups for both the commercial and pedigree market, as well as good quality females for sale privately and at Society sales. Bloodlines in the herd consist of Millside, Beili, Dulas, Pen-y-Bec, and Froggatts. Expansion is planned to take the flock up to 50 ewes.


Cow Families


Although the herd is relatively young, we do have a number of cow families that are already proving their worth and are knitting well with our main stock sire Heathbrow Tristar.

Tillymaud Malvenas 53rd


This is one of the largest families in the herd due to the further acquisition of her mother Malvenas 42nd and her daughter Malvenas 58th. Until 2011 Malvenas 53rd has predominantly been a bull breeder, producing Williams Voldermort by Dirnaean Reformer who was sold privately in 2009 and Williams Wizzard, by Tristar who was sold in January 2010 to Mr R Balls, Norfolk. Her heifer calf Williams Malvenas 3rd is by Tristar and is definitely a star of the future.

Malvenas 42nd has also been a bull breeder to date with her first calf under the Williams prefix being Williams Barty Crouch 10, a son of Tristar who has been shown successfully in 2011 gaining second and third placings in competitive yearling bull classes. Barty Crouch was sold privately to Messrs Cutting, Suffolk. Her 2011 calf is Williams Centaur 11, again by Tristar, who is already showing he has the stamp of his father and brother, that of natural fleshing and great length and confirmation.

Malvenas 58th is yet another consistent breeder, producing two heifer calves and a bull calf, Williams Barnabas 10 who was successfully shown in 2011.

Horsford Manor Simone

By Atlow Number One and out of a Hevingham Alpha daughter, Simone has proved herself to be a great, honest breeder. She has produced two strong males which have been sold privately and her first female, Williams Simones Crystal is a powerhouse of a Tristar daughter who was successfully shown as a two year old in 2013. Her second daughter, an April-born Tristar daughter, is of a similar stamp to Crystal.

Hockenhull Snow Queen 35th


A stand out from the day we saw her at the Hockenhull dispersal sale, Snow Queen 35th is by Popes Laird out of a Blackford Harvester daughter. She is a balanced female, incredibly correct and milky and oozes breed character and femininity – we really do think a lot of this cow.

She has bred two heifers, the first Williams Snow Queen, by Hockenhull Red Rum, is a well fleshed, stylish heifer which will likely be featuring in the 2014 show circuit and the second, Williams Snowqueen 2nd, is by Darsham Playboy who is now in calf to Tristar. Her latest is a Tristar bull calf. All females from this line have been retained to date.

Sterling Ritzys Vesta

Ritzys Vesta was purchased privately from Boddington Estate in May 2009. Born October 2007, she is by Sterling Flint out of the Dovefields Gallant daughter Sterling Joyfuls Ritzy. She is a stylish female who milks well. She was shown in 2009 and took breed champion at East of England Show. Her first calf, Williams Vesta’s Belby, by Tristar is just as stylish as her mother and is now in calf to Williams Dementa, a Playboy son and is due to calve in June.

Sterling Petra's Wendy


Again purchased privately from Boddington Estate in July 2010, Wendy is by Sterling Rochester out of the Sterling Flint daughter Sterling Delores Petra. Her first calf was the February born Williams Wendy’s Charm, by Blackford Rory. Another daughter Wendy’s Dromeda, a was a successful show heifer in 2013 and took the junior championship at the Royal Welsh. This Tristar daughter is much admired and is thick set, long and has a great loin.

Petra herself has been flushed to Tristar and Playboy.

Stirling Grace's Wilhemina

By Darhsam Playboy out of Sterling Champagne’s Grace, Wilhemina was sown in 2010 as a two year old heifer and stood reserve female champion at Herts County, junior female and junior champion at the Great Yorkshire Show and overall champion at Aylsham. Her first calf was a bull calf Williams Chairwizzard by Tristar and he sold privately when exhibited at The Three Counties Show. Her next born, a heifer, is by Tristar and we think a lot of her so will be retained.

Starline Lorette 24th

One of our early purchases, Lorette is by Starline Klassik out of a Blackford Hawk daughter. She is predominantly a female breeder producing excellent heifer calves by Tristar and Heathbrow Mischief. Her first heifer Williams Lorette Auror was shown successfully in 2010 as a yearling heifer and has since produced a Clonagh Tiger Gallant bull calf which will feature in the 2014 show team. This is a naturally fleshing family with excellent growth for age, power and performance. She has been flushed to Cairnview Snazzy to bring in a different line.



Historically, commercial sheep and a flock of Kerry Hill sheep have been run on the farm, but in 2010 it was decided to reduce the size of the commercial flock and disperse the Kerry Hills and establish a flock of pedigree Blue Texel sheep run under the same Williams prefix.

Having been taken with them at shows for their low maintenance, easy lambing and stylish characteristics, the first females were bought at Andy Bishop’s dispersal in 2010 as well as one privately from the Ivanhoe flock. They were later joined by six females from David Alexander’s Millside production sale in 2011.

Past stock sires have included tups from Midnight and Dulas and now currently a Froggat and Beili tup is used in the flock.

The flock is MV accredited and vaccinated for toxo and enzo and is heptova P+, as well as Schmallenburg vaccinated. Enquiries are welcome regarding tup sales.


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