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Wroxall Simmentals

C.H. Evans & Sons
Abbey Farm
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One of the original importers of Simmental Cattle in the 1960s


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Wroxall Simmentals



As one of the original importers of Simmental Cattle back in the late 1960’s, Wroxall has established itself as one of the leading pedigree cattle breeders in the UK. We pride ourselves with both our history and track record of producing quality stock for the global markets.

We hope you enjoy looking through this site and should you require any further information we would be only too pleased to hear from you.

About Us

In November 1968 Dan Evans travelled to Canada with his father Cecil, where there was much interest in their then stock of Hereford Cattle. Whilst in Canada they heard a great deal of talk about the Simmental Breed, which aroused their interest.

Due to the strict health regulations the Swiss Government imposed, they eventually took delivery of their stock in 1969.

Dan Evans and his son Rob, are now one of the leading Simmental breeders in the UK with extensive knowledge and experience from being one of the first importers of this highly regarded breed, renowned for it’s temperament, locomotion and growth rate.

Currently we are importing and implanting various embryos from what we consider to be top cow families from around the globe. Our aim is to improve the genetic base of our cow herd, we are specifically concentrating on the polled and homozygous polled gene to try and keep up with our customer requirements.’

On returning to England Dan and Cecil applied to the Ministry for the import of the Simmental breed. In due course they received a letter requesting their presence at Paisley, that day for imports from Germany or the next for imports from Switzerland. They decided, along with two other UK farmers, to go for the stock directly from Switzerland and begin the lengthy process of choosing and obtaining the expensive breed began.


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